Albany County Democratic Party

Albany County Democratic Party

Albany County Democratic PartyAlbany County Democratic PartyAlbany County Democratic Party

We are committed to being a voice for all Albany County residents.


Government only works when citizens take ownership.


We believe “government” is not some alien force, but, if done correctly, is everyone coming together to look out for one another and do the right thing. The Constitution gives us each an equal vote. We must be active participants.

People & planet are more valuable than short-term profit.


 We have a responsibility to leave the world in as good or better shape than we find it. We want our children and our children’s children to have the clean air, clean water, healthy landscapes, and abundant wildlife that we enjoy. 

We are also citizens of the world.


We reject the philosophy that the United States gains through others’ loss. We accept our responsibility to share with the rest of the world the civil rights and community commitments we enjoy.